NINJA Shadow Forged

NINJA shadow forged is a non-collectible card game for 2-10 players, where each player become part of one of the available clans in order to face a NINJA mission together …

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EverZone is a strategic card game set in a distant future when three rival races war for dominance in the universe. Build your Forces Deck by selecting units and supports …

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EverZone – Colony Assault

The EverZone’s universe on KICKSTARTER and GIOCHISTARTER! The crowdfunding campaign of COLONY ASSAULT is starting on March 15, 2017. The EverZone’s universe expands, and this new version will be as …

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The Third Dawn

The Third Dawn is a comics project born five years ago from the mind of Marco Mingozzi. The idea came from a post-apocalyptic setting studied in a scientific way and …

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