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The Third Dawn

The Third Dawn is a comics project born five years ago from the mind of Marco Mingozzi. The idea came from a post-apocalyptic setting studied in a scientific way and symbolically represents the third dawn of mankind.”

The first chapter (of 4), is entitled The Man of the Future and tells the adventures of Alik, a traveler on the run together with his faithful companion Layla, a beautiful white wolf, from a mysterious corporation in the wastelands of Siberia.

The project totally non-profit –  includes the whole working plan, the script of the first chapter (about 100 pages) and 22 pages created so far by the artist Marco Cappelli of Milan.

At the moment the project is in standby because the artist is no longer available to devote time and energy to the work. Everyone who was interested in learning more and to introduce him-or herself as artist designer, please contact us at info@winterlair.com


For the moment, enjoy the first pages of The Man of the Future, even though they are only in Italian:


  • Pagina 1
  • Pagina 2
  • Pagina 3
  • Pagina 4
  • Pagina 5
  • Pagina 6
  • Pagina 7
  • Pagina 8
  • Pagina 9
  • Pagina 10
  • Pagina 11
  • Pagina 12
  • Pagina 13
  • Pagina 14
  • Pagina 15
  • Pagina 16
  • Pagina 17
  • Pagina 18
  • Pagina 19
  • Pagina 20
  • Pagina 21
  • Pagina 22

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