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Nocturnia – The eternal challenge between Dreams and Nightmares

A very ambitious project born three years ago, who lived an incredible evolution as its characters’.

Nocturnia is a tactical board game to play in team, in which each player can decide whether to be part of the faction of Dreams or Nightmares. The same team of players will have to work together to achieve the victory, but won’t bSchede incubie easy. With a mechanics that vaguely reminds of chess, each player will get a character sheet (they are all the same) and the corresponding pawn to be moved on the board (which represents the world of sleep) conquering different territories among those of our recurring nightmares (or our best dreams), like the haunted forest, the cursed house, the infinite library, etc.

Each territory can be infested (nightmares) or purified (dreams), depending on the side swapped, and each territory provides a certain kind of resources (special powers) that can be exploited for a single use or to evolve your character through a sort of predetermined family tree. Each evolution gives you permanent powers, a remarcable advantage.

But dreams Schede sogniand nightmares are ethereal, incorporeal beings, that are made of essences and can easily be defeated. The goal of each faction, in fact, is to accumulate essences (converting the resources or fighting against opponents) until reaching the maximum level before your opposing faction.

The game is optimized for 2-8 players. If you play in 2, each player keeps two or three characters (depending on how much they want to prolong the game), while if you play in odd number one player of the facion with fewer components keeps two characters instead of one.

The game should see the light by 2016, stay tuned to learn more.


  • Players: 2-8
  • Age: 12+
  • Duration: 60-90 minuti

NBAll graphics and illustrations are purely indicative, in order to make you understand better the atmosphere of the game.

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