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EverZone – Colony Assault

The EverZone’s universe on KICKSTARTER and GIOCHISTARTER!

The crowdfunding campaign of COLONY ASSAULT is starting on March 15, 2017. The EverZone’s universe expands, and this new version will be as big and rich as the classic EverZone box.

Colony Assault will be a stand alone game, so you won’t necessarily need to own EverZone base to play, but you can combine cards of the two boxes to experience more and more various decks.

Get ready for the campaign and follow all the developments, ’cause we have in mind very cool stretch goals and addons that would greatly enrich your final box!

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Colony Assault is a strategic card game set in the world of EverZone in which three rival races fight for the dominance in the universe.
Build your Forces Deck by selecting units, supports and structures among the brand new 330 cards available, choose whether to battle on earth, at sea or in space, then prepare to fight opponents like you’ve never done before.
EverZone introduces a revolutionary game mechanism to minimize random elements, creating extremely tactical and exciting challenges.

Players: 2-6
Duration: 30-60 min
Age: 10+


  • 210 Unit Cards
  • 30 Support Cards
  • 60 Structure Cards
  • 30 Location cards
  • 3 Scorekeepers (with 6 tokens)
  • 12 Damage Points Tokens
  • 9 Race Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook

Colony Assault, the same way as EverZone, is played with two players or two teams facing against each other. The game is therefore playable in formats of 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3. A 3-player variant is also available and takes the form of a 1v1v1 match (see 3p Variant). The rules for the team game are largely the same as in the 2p game with some minor exceptions and variations.

EverZone_Colony_boxAll cards are already divided into 6 pre-made decks, that you can unwrap and play. There are 2 decks per each race, that are Numan, Slurr and Uthron, like in the base game. Of course, you can customize your own decks by choosing cards among the 2 boxes, EverZone and Colony Assault.

Everything’s new in Colony Assault:
– 6 new leader cards will improve your strategy and your deck building choices,
– more than 200 new units will help you to create new and devastating cEverZone_Colony_Scatole miste TESTOombos, and could be joined with the EverZone’s ones at your will,
– 30 new support cards will change your way to attack and defend,
and the 60 brand new structure cards will empower your control over the battlefield.

Of course, there will be new location cards that allow to vary the amount of resources provided each turn for both sides until the end of the battle.

If you want to read the rules of EverZone, you can download the Official Rulebook here:
Official Rulebook


The Structures!

Satellite This is the big new treat that would introduce Colony Assault. These are cards that must be shuffled into your deck, as much as units and supports, but their use is very different from the other kind of cards. You can play one or more structure cards only after the drawing phase and before the marshalling phase. These cards are not affected by the resources provided by the location cards, but they are affected by your Command Points. In fact, they can be played only by reducing your CP of the number indicated on each card. These points, the same way as resources, become a sort of slots occupied by your cards. The structures’ effects activate in specific locations, however, unlike units and supports, they cannot be discarded into the retreated pile at the end of each battle, but may remain (potentially) on your battlefield for the entire game. Of course, they can be destroyed by opposing attacks, because when your defense is not enough, opponents cause damage first to your structures, then to your command points. The “health” of your structure corresponds to the number of CP indicated on the card (that are the CP you lost to play that card), and the opponents attack, in order, from the last structure you played to the first. So, for example, if you play your structures from left to right, opponents will attack your structures’ CP from right to left.

When the battle location does not match your structure’s, this must be deactivated and must be reactivated at the end of the battle. All deactivated structures can be destroyed the same way as the active ones.



Always between the drawing phase and the marshalling phase, you can choose to recycle one or more structures from your battlefield. Recycling means destroying a structure (therefore you have to place it in the fallen pile) and recover such an amount of CP equal to the value of the recycled structure minus all damage points on it. For example, recycling a structure of 3 CP that has already suffered 1 damage, it means recovering only 2 CP.
When recycling one or more structures, the others remaining in the field are compacted keeping the same order (same row) position.


Each race has a own power that manages the use of structure cards, that can be exploited by the owner only once per battle:
NUMAN STRUCTURES: you can swap the position of any number of your active structures.
SLURR STRUCTURES: at the end of any battle you can recover 1 CP to a damaged structure.
UTHRON STRUCTURES: you may return in your hand an active structure and possibly activate a structure from your hand.

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