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Oppai Go – Whoever strips the most girls wins!

OPPAI GO is an erotic card game with a Japanese theme (soft-hentai) designed and developed by Marco Mingozzi, masterfully illustrated by the ItaloJapanese Yugin Maffioli and published by Max Manga.

How many of you remember the old videogames of the 80’s – 90’s where you had to be extremely skilled in cabinet to strip completely super-pixelled girls?

Oppai Go has been created from this idea, a “strategicgame in which each player has a sexy female alter ego on a desert island to fight in a sort ofBattle Royale” orThe Hunger Games”, but with a different goal, that is stripping naked as many opposing girls as you can to gain points and win the game.

This game has been funded by a crowdfunding campaign in collaboration with Giochistarter e Kickstarter.





55 Cards
7 Characters
16 “Victory Points” tokens
4 “Accessory” markers
1 Dilder (a sort of Dealer)

VERSION: Italian and English (in the same box)
PLAYTIME: 20 minutes


How to play

Who has got the most VP at the end of the game is the winner and players get points by stripping their opponents of their clothes (or accessories). During the game the accessory marker moves from one space to another to denote the state of dress of each character. The possible states are Naked, Pants, Bra, Armor, Weapon and the marker will be placed in the specific place on the character sheet. When a charcter gain/loses an accessory, the player moves the accessory marker 1 space up/down. Each character can’t have more than 4 accessories ever. After the set up, each player draw 3 cards.

The cards

Red cards – Attack. Usually these cards allow players to remove one or more accessories from the opponents.
Yellow cards – Recover. Usually these cards allow players to recover an accessory or to strenghthen their clothing with armor and weapons.
Blue cards – Defense. Usually these cards allow players to defend from opponent’s attack and from island’s tricks.
Green cards – Tricks. These cards represent the island’s pranks and tricks that the players can use to modify the rules of the game.

prova-carte-4   prova-carte-2  prova-carte-7  prova-carte-11

Game Phases

The game is divided into rounds and each rounds is split into 6 phases. Note that some phases are played in clockwise order and some others in anticlockwise order.

Phase 1: Play 1 card from your hand (clockwise)
Starting with the first player, in clockwise order, each player may play 1 card from their hand to the center of the table. The next player places his card on the top of the previous card, keeping any text visible and forming a card row.

Phase 2: Play held cards (anticlockwise)
After all players have decided whether to play a card from ther hand or not, play re-starts in anticlockwise order and each player may choose to play a card onto the row. These cards must come from ones the players chose to HOLD in previous rounds (see phase 4 HOLD A CARD).

Phase 3: Resolve the effect
When all playes have played their cards (either from their hand or from the held ones) the effect activate one at a time, starting from the last played card to the first (i.e. from the topmost card of the row  up to the bottom one). Each effect usually affects the playing conditions of the character. As soon as the effect on the card is resolved, the card must be discarded face up. The order of the card row, however, often creates unexpected chains of events.

Phase 4: Hold 1 card
When all cards in the row have been resolved, players may choose to hold one card from their hand. Held cards are placed hidden (face down) in front of you, as if they are not  in play. Holding cards in a crucial part of the game as they not only allow you to play  more cards in future rounds, but held cards will be resolved before cards played from the hand.

Phase 5: Discard 1 card as seed
After all players have decided whether to hold cards, players simultaneously chose wheter to discard 1 of their remaining cards to the discard cards as “seed”. If more than one player chooses to discard cards, the cards are placed into the discard pile in anticlock wise order. The seed card card is always the one that is on the TOP of the discarded pile. Held cards of the same colour as the seed card may not be played (until the seed changes).

Phase 6: Draw
Now all player draw cards from the top of the deck until reaching their hand limit (standard hand limit is 3 cards).
Then pass the dilder token clockwise and start a new round, with the new holder of the dilder token as starting player.


Each character has permanent special ability – indicated under the character’s name – which can be used repeatedly, as long as the condition described is fulfilled. If a character is wearing heavy accessories (armor or weapon), she gets the additional special ability as long as the condition specified is being fulfilled. If a character loses a heavy accessory, its power can no longer be used until it is recovered.



The game ends when the deck runs out. After the last card is drawn, play a last round (not including the current one) and the count the VIP to determine the winner. Each player must have 3 cards in hand in the last round  (except Gedeliève, who must have 4). If the deck runs out before all players have drawn their cards, shuffle the discard pile (except for the top card) and form a new to draw from the last round.

1) Whenever an opponent gets naked thank to the effect of your cards or your skill, you get 2 VP and 1 accessory
2) In a 3-4 player game, at the end of each round all players get 1 VP for every naked opponent
3) At the end pf each round all the naked girls get 2 accessories
4) the player who got the most VP at the end of the game is the winner. If 2 or more player end with the same VP, the player who has most accessories wins. If there is still a tie, the win is shared.



There is a VERY special gadget in order to better enjoy the Oppai Go experience. They are official panties (with the logo on) that must be worn by the First Player of the game in his head. These count as additional accessory, so before losing an accessory in the game, the horniest player takes off panties from his head. In short, it’s like having an extra life, as the First Player of the game has the “disadvantage” to execute the effect of his card played by the hand for last, and on the table there are not Held cards yet.


img_5767 img_5764   logo-maxmanga-1

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