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NINJA Shadow Forged

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NINJA shadow forged is a non-collectible card game for 2-10 players, where each player become part of one of the available clans in order to face a NINJA mission together with the opponents. During the game you will be able to equip yourself with objects, weapons and special skills to pass the mission events, or to discover the identity of your rival clans and eliminate them to win the game, but the events and the player’s actions may overturn the strategies and the fates of the different clans.

Quick set up, intuitive gameplay and several difficulty levels for players more or less experienced. Finally is also included a tournament mode that turns on at most the challenge to determine which clan NINJA will prevail on the other ones.

Make your clan win!



NINJA shadow forged
(Base Game)

Play one ROLE among the 7 fearsome NINJA WARRIORS and use weapons, armors, items and special abilities in order to complete the MISSION and to ELIMINATE your rival CLAN.






7 Role Cards
13 Goal Cards
50 Advantage Cards
50 Disadvantage Cards
50 Event Cards
2 Info Cards
1 Rulebook
1 Exclusive Comic Book
(with the origin of the 7 clans)
1 Die
1 Dealer



Rising Clan
(First Expansion)

New RIVALS and new threats come over you. Increase your resources and deal with the HONOR CHALLENGES in order to get new powers from your CLAN.





9 Role Cards
72 Advantage Cards
  6 Disadvantage Cards
12 Event Cards
13 Status Cards
2 Info Cards
1 Rulebook
1 Exclusive Comic book
1 Maxi-Card


The Vesper War
(Second Expansion)

Live the final stages of the WAR and fight on the NINJA empire’s side or on the new mysterious clan’s side, able to subdue the spirits of the defeated warriors. In this new expansion players are not really eliminated, ’cause they will return in play as spirits in the service of the new clan, going to form little by little two FACTIONS fighting among themselves.



1 Role Card
30 Dark Skills Cards
10 Numbered Cards
11 Advantage Cards
10 Clans Markers
1 Rulebook
1 Exclusive Comic Book
1 Maxi-Card
1 Action Token


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Download the Official Rulebooks (Italian only)

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SWAP MODE: Playing NINJA shadow forged with 2 / 3 players

NINJA shadow forged is a card game that shows its full potential when you play so many. Indeed, we can recall the famous saying: The more the merrier!”
However, there is a 2-3 players mode called SWAP that revolutionizes the mechanics of NINJA shadow forged allowing each player to control multiple characters, turning the challenge on a high competitive level.

For the occasion, a playmat has been created on which are listed the “Swap rules”. Download it for free, or buy it in the shop:

Tappetino_DEF web



Organize tournaments at NINJA shadow forged with the free software NINJA leaguer!






Kind of game: Non-collectible card game, RPG
Players: 2-10
Age: 12+
Duration: 20-60 minuti
: 2011 – prima edizione
Publishers: Winterlair, Packingraf s.r.l.
Designer: Marco Mingozzi
Illustrations: Michele Maccagnani, Guido Marchesini, Federico Musetti
Colorings: Margherita Luzi, Federico Musetti
Layouts: Margherita Luzi, Guido Marchesini, Marco Mingozzi
Setting: a modern urban and alternative world, within which there are NINJA clans aiming at domination through secret and clandestine struggling missions.


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