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neko in copertina
Neko-In is a game published by Red Glove for 3-6 players lasting about 15-20 minutes and designed by Marco Mingozzi (EverZone, Ninja Shadow Forged), in which we will try to find lovely and gummy colored kittens (“neko” in Japanese) hidden in the remote corners of a typical house of Japan.
The first player who will dug out the little animals from their possible hideouts will be the winner.
You need a bit of strategy and a speedy hand, because first you need to look for the kittens and find them, but then you must catch them by the collar and carry them out in the garden.


  • 6 Colored Kittens
  • 6 Rooms and 1 Garden
  • 2 Colored Dice
  • 30 “Hideout” Counters
  • 30 “Event” Counters
  • 1 Rulebook





How to play…
At the beginning of the game each player chooses a room and place it in front of him. On the board there are 5 empty spaces footprint shaped, distinguished by appropriate symbols (Fish Bone, Tinker Bell, Mouse, Butterfly and Chick). The symbols are matched for color to the room.
Players receive randomly 5 hideout counters each and place them covered” in front of them. They can however watch the symbol and color of your counters at any time, but in secret.
Finally all kittens are placed in the garden which is in the center of the table.



The goal of the game is to get rid of all the hideout counters before your opponents. Each counter should be placed on its appropriate slot, according to the shape and color of the room.
How to do it? Each turn a player move his own cat (the one corresponding to the color of his room’s frame) and according to the his counters he chooses the room where hiding the cat. If he chooses his own room then he can place the cat on any slot of his choice. But if he chooses to move his cat to a room controlled by an opponent, it’s up to the owner to choose where to place it.


A room cannot host more than one cat because they are not willing to share a territory. If you place your cat on a board
occupied by another cat, the brawl starts. Roll the colored dice and:

  •  if the color of one cat comes out, the other one is sent to the garden.
  • if there is no color correspondence, the cat who is already inside the room is sent to the garden.
  • if the colors of both cats come out, both cats are sent to the garden.


When your cat is placed on a slot that corresponds to one of your hideout counters (according to the shape and color of the room), discover it and place it on the corresponding position.

After this phase starts the Housekeeper moment.
The current player rolls a die. All players compete to grab the matching colored kitten, wherever it is. The fastest hand moves the caught kitten to the garden and pass one of his remained counters, of his choice, to the player with less counters. If there are 2 or more opponents with the same number of counters left, he can choose the target. However he can never pass his last counter, which must necessarily be placed on the appropriate slot.

The first player that remains with no hideout counters is the winner.




Kind of game: Party game, Anime- Manga
15-20 minuti
2016 – prima edizione
Red Glove
: Marco Mingozzi
Illustrations: Guido Favaro
Art Direction: Federico Dumas
Graphics, logos and layouts: Guido Favaro
Cover: Guido Favaro

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