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Cotto & Frullato – The Game

 Cotto & Fscheda cotto&frullato_ENGrullato is a game for only cool people, so we recommend the shrinking violets and hipsters to piss off. You’ve been recruited into a team of legendary action movie stars in the most epic competition in history. Finally the world will see who will be the best badass of all. Your task will be to taste different dishes that have been blended to pulp, recognize their nutritional benefits and assign them to each star of your team, in order to bring him / her to their highest physical supremacy.

All the stars will face 4 Challenges: Strength, Resistance, Coolness and Charisma. But as we all know, physical strength is not enough. To win the Challenges you will need to let your stars drink cooked and blended dishes, so that every fiber of their organism can be pervaded by the right nutrients. Carbohydrates increase the strength, Fats increase the resistance, Proteins increase the coolness and Vitamins increase the charisma. Pay close attention, because the final victory will depend on your choices.

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The most epic BATTLE of history is about to START.
1. Create your own team with the greatest action movie stars of the 80s.
2. Put dishes through the blender, taste them and find out the true and false ingredients.
3. Pump UP stars with the right amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins.
4. Lead your team to victory in the Strength, Resistance, Coolness and Charisma challenges.


This is the taste of GLORY, this is the power of Blendness. Because BLENDED IS BETTER!


Cotto & Frullato – The Game is a board game designed and developed by Marco Mingozzi and published by MPE – Magic Press Edizioni Srl, in collaboration with The Best Blend.
The release will be the 2nd june 2016, with a preview at Etna Comics in Italy.

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