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1347 – The Black Plague Board Game

The year of our Lord 1347

The Black Death arrives via Eastern trade routes, bringing suffering and misery to the towns and countryside. No one is safe from the plague. Princes and paupers all fall victim, breaking out in festering boils and blinding fever while civil order and the rule of law wither away. And the source of this merciless disease? To some, it’s God’s harsh punishment for the sins of humankind; others say it’s see the onset of the Apocalypse, announced by the Holy Scriptures. The sole hope for relief from a slow and painful death lies in the hands of the plague doctors, men trained in medicine and healing, without fear of contagion, and not averse to cutting through the odd bone to defeat it. Dressed in black cloaks, and masks stuffed with vinegar-rags and spice, the surgeons roam the Burgus streets searching for the infected. To these they offer salvation, saving their flesh from death, while gaining prestige with the princely court and – why not? – one or two shiny coins! Say what you like about the “definitive science” of medicine, not all surgeons will agree on the correct manner of defeating the Black Death, and it happens that professional rivalries erupt in sabotage, plots and counterplots, even the resort to blows (or worse) in the neighbourhood inn. Will you prove yourselves as valorous surgeons, up to the tasks you’re called to resolve? Will you expand your influence with good works, draining infected swamps and building plague hospitals? Or will you give in to the facts of life, and death, raking in whatever coins you happen to find?

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1347 – De Nigrae Pestis Ludum is an auction management game, in which the victory will be guaranteed only to those who understand and anticipate better the actions of the opponents. Each player will have influence tokens of a different value, from 0 to 4, and each round players will invest all their tokens in the 6 areas, in a hidden way. Opponents don’t know how much you will invest in each area until all the tokens will be revealed. By then you’ll discover who won the auction in each area, and whoever has invested the most will be the only one who can make the actions provided by the specific area. Those who “lose” can instead convert their unused points into money, or grave-diggers (assistants of the plague doctors), which are useful to carry out new actions. Therefore, losing an investment in this game can be a strategy.

locandina fel

The project, created by Marco Mingozzi and illustrated by Daniela Giubellini, will land on Kickstarter and Giochistarter starting from 23 May 2018 and, if successful, will be published all around the globe by Magic Press Edizioni and Feudalism and Freedom group. Stay tuned!

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