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Essen Spiel 2018 – all the news at booth 2F-142

Essen Spiel 2018 is approaching and this year the WinterLair staff, in collaboration with Feudalism and Freedom, MPE Magic Press Edizioni and Mighty Boards/Mindclash, is going to introduce one of the best italian kickstarter success of the year…


Scatola 1347 ridotta

The first board game of Feudalism and Freedom, created and developed by Marco Mingozzi, takes us back in 1347, the year of the fearsome Black Plague that afflicted the whole of Europe. In this playful experience, peasants or rulers will be indiscriminately affected and only the smartest plague doctors will be able to enrich… sorry, to eradicate the outbreak.

Each player will take the role of one of the village doctors and, through a blind auctions and workers placement mechanics, will have to expand his influence in the village, heal plague victims to obtain important benefits, buy useful resources for his work and so on, until the end of the three ages, in which the most illustrious doctor of the community will be elected according to the wealth points accumulated during the game.

plancia 1347

1347 is a crowdfunding project that has had great success all over the world, with almost 4000 pre-orders and about 120,000 euros funded on Kickstarter and Giochistarter. The retail edition of the game will be published by MPE – Magic Press Editions. During the german fair all people can purchase a copy of the game at Mighty Boards/Mindclash booth, 2F-142!
Also backers are invited to pick up their copy at the same booth.


Contents “Standard version”

  • 1 Board divided into 7 parts

  • 114 Influence tokens

  • 86 Golds

  • 90 Grave-Diggers

  • 43 Subject cards

  • 24 Resource cards

  • 33 Event cards

  • 1 Chest

  • 1 Dock

  • 1 Scorepad

  • 1 Cemetery

  • 18 Magistra Cura tokens

  • 15 Mission cards

  • 1 Deck cover card

  • Rulebook

The standard version of the game will also contain the first expansion “De Magistra Cura” without any charge.

Players: 2-6
Age: 12+
Length: 30 minutes per player.

In yuji tamiya

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