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Essen Spiel 2018 – all the news at booth 2F-142

Essen Spiel 2018 is approaching and this year the WinterLair staff, in collaboration with Feudalism and Freedom, MPE Magic Press Edizioni and Mighty Boards/Mindclash, is going to introduce one of the best italian kickstarter success of the year… DE NIGRAE PESTIS LUDO The first board game of Feudalism and Freedom, created …

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1347 – The Black Plague Board Game

The year of our Lord 1347 The Black Death arrives via Eastern trade routes, bringing suffering and misery to the towns and countryside. No one is safe from the plague. Princes and paupers all fall victim, breaking out in festering boils and blinding fever while civil order and the rule …

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Simple & Madama – The Game!

Simple & Madama becomes a game for all people in love… or not! The success of the most evocative couple of the web, who’s so much in common with our daily lives, has now conquered hearts (and boards) of many fans on Facebook and more. Nowadays, it’s easy to find …

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Cotto & Frullato – The Game

 Cotto & Frullato is a game for only cool people, so we recommend the shrinking violets and hipsters to piss off. You’ve been recruited into a team of legendary action movie stars in the most epic competition in history. Finally the world will see who will be the best badass …

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Oppai Go – The rulebook is online

The Oppai Go campaign on Giochistarter and Kickstarter was a huge success. The project has been 210% funded thanks to your contribution, unlocking some improvements like 4 extra characters and the black panties to wear on your head during the game. All the Max Manga and WinterLair staff is at …

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EverZone – Colony Assault

The EverZone’s universe on KICKSTARTER and GIOCHISTARTER! The crowdfunding campaign of COLONY ASSAULT is starting on March 15, 2017. The EverZone’s universe expands, and this new version will be as big and rich as the classic EverZone box. Colony Assault will be a stand alone game, so you won’t necessarily …

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