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Essen Spiel 2018 – all the news at booth 2F-142

Essen Spiel 2018 is approaching and this year the WinterLair staff, in collaboration with Feudalism and Freedom, MPE Magic Press Edizioni and Mighty Boards/Mindclash, is going to introduce one of the best italian kickstarter success of the year… DE NIGRAE PESTIS LUDO The first board game of Feudalism and Freedom, created …

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New EverZone’s official rulebook, 16 pages

EverZone is entering a new era. Thanks to your contributions we have experienced and we have produced a new rulebook of 16 pages, much more complete and comprehensive than the original, collecting all the FAQs, questions and comments sent to us by players. With the brand new official manual, that …

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Oppai Go – The rulebook is online

The Oppai Go campaign on Giochistarter and Kickstarter was a huge success. The project has been 210% funded thanks to your contribution, unlocking some improvements like 4 extra characters and the black panties to wear on your head during the game. All the Max Manga and WinterLair staff is at …

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Happy Poo – To poop has never been so much fun

Here’s another of those unusual projects. Happy Poo is a funny game for all ages that jokes about sensitive, but at the same time very common, issues. All players will face 3 game phases: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each phase has a different mechanics, but all three have the same …

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The Third Dawn

The Third Dawn is a comics project born five years ago from the mind of Marco Mingozzi. The idea came from a post-apocalyptic setting studied in a scientific way and symbolically represents “the third dawn of mankind.” The first chapter (of 4), is entitled The Man of the Future and …

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