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Service of subtitle creation, translation and editing for electronic projections, home video and web

Since over six years Winterlair has worked in the domain of subtitling, providing the following kinds of products in collaboration with Neon Video snc:

  • Creation of subtitle files “ad hoc” for any medium and support (DvD, BluRay, D.C.P., etc.).
  • Timing subtitles from a video matrix or by a dubbing script.
  • Translation from any language.
  • Editing, review and quality control.

The studio is equipped with hardware and software constantly updated to provide customers with an efficient, quick and state-of-art service.

Our translators are carefully selected and are quite experienced in subtitling. For our choice we would like to highlight that we don’t work with interns, beginners orfansubbers”, because we possibly prefer to offer the highest quality to the customer at the right price.

Subtitles are the linguistic adaptation of the future, as regards the audiovisual products. More and more this kind of products come to our country with the urgent need to be translated and offered to the public through online platforms or pay TVs. The audience has changed a lot over recent years. Despite the dubbing, that is still relevant and we do not doubt its importance, watching subtitled products has now become part of the internet people habits, those who watch movie simulcasts or streamings, responding to a growing demand.

However, the average of subtitled products are often of poor quality, sometimes technically and sometimes with translation. That’s why we use high-level softwares that can, for example, check the readability of each subtitle in order to facilitate the vision, or we can fit the lines to any screen, trying to keep them in a format suitable for reading.

If you look for a quality service, Winterlair is the right choice.



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